Right of reisdence and European  Union  law

Do you have an issue with an employee or manager you would like to hire not having the   required visa or work permit? Or do you have problems or concerns that because you’re an employee with a foreign nationality you do not have the right to stay, work or take up residence in Germany?

We gladly offer you our highly competent advice on all issues regarding right of residence law, as well as the following areas:

New entry of foreigners, Blue card, issuance and extension of a residence permit, residence consolidation, permanent residence permit / settlement visa, EU settlement visa, EU permanent residence permit , EU law, EU Freedom of  Movement, freedom of movement permit, Association Agreement Turkey (ARB 1/80), family reunification, spouse reunification, business visa, work visa, employment permit, requirements, work permit, self-employment, business and immigration, visa for students (student visa), visiting scholars, highly qualified applicants, au pair, change of residence, visa for language courses, suspension of deportation, right to remain, humanitarian residence, case of hardship application, petitioning, expulsion, deportation, asylum law/right of asylum, asylum procedural law, asylum follow-up procedures and humanitarian right of residence.

We offer you professional and qualified representation of your legal interests in matters of right of residence law and law of aliens. Moreover, we will represent you in front of the relevant authorities as well as in court.